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In this post I will be detailing the roles I played in the planning and execution of the broadcast and live events.

Broadcast Event – Fawner



Our broadcast event involved Fawner being interviewed and performing an acoustic set for Facebook Live. This event was much easier to plan compared to the live event because we were only working with the one band for a short amount of time. This allowed everyones effort to be focused on the one task.

Facebook Live.

During the event I was responsible for broadcasting the event on Facebook Live. This allowed people to find out more about one of the bands who were performing at the live event the following night, but all from the comfort of their own homes. Using Facebook also allowed people to watch the session even after it had ended, as it would remain on Facebook.

General work.

As a team, we worked together and thought of the questions to ask the band on the day of the broadcast. Doing this allowed Mike to be prepared on the day. We settled on questions such as:

  • How did you become a band?
  • Where did you get the name ‘Fawner’ from
  • Is there any more music to be expected?

The amount of work that had to be carried out for the broadcast event was very limited as it was a minor event compared to some others that have been broadcast.

Live Event – Pre-Crawl


banner for our live event

Booking and paying venues.

As soon as we had the idea sorted for the Pre-Crawl, I immediately started scouting potential venues to use. It was important to find venues that had a flow from one to another, this was to make sure the event had the feel of a bar crawl. I contacted several venues, however, I was often faced with difficulties such as pricing and the day the event was on. Eventually I managed to secure the 3 perfect venues. These were The Frog and Fiddle, 2Pigs and Under the Prom, and this would be the order of the crawl. The Frog charged £80 for the use of their venue, 2Pigs charged £50 and Under the Prom allowed us use of the venue free of charge.


not top quality but it did the job for proof

I was also able to secure some good deals with these venues, including providing shots at The Frog and Fiddle and 2Pigs. Under the Prom offered to provide a free glass of bubbly to each person upon entry along with free entry back into the venue if people decided to return after Propaganda. This was also another deal I was able to secure. Liam, who is in charge of running the Propaganda night at MooMoo Clubrooms, offered us the opportunity to allow free entry to those who attended all three venues along the crawl, and discounted entry to those who attended two. In return, we would promote the Propaganda night by using banners behind the band Fawner, who are being interviewed and performing for our broadcast event the day before.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 23.49.50

email for Liam @ Propaganda discussing entry deals

Liaising with managers for timings for the night and deals

As a way of promoting the event, we had to think of a way of connecting to our audience. One of the ways in which many venues attract their audience is with incentives. We organised with the manager at 2Pigs to allow us to purchase a bottle of Sourz to give out as shots to the first ‘x’ amount of people who came to the venue. This worked, as people rushed from the first venue to the second, stating they had seen the advertisement for the free shot.

I also managed to get a deal with Under the Prom where those in attendance would receive a free glass of bubbly on arrival. On the night however, the venue did not follow through with this offer. This not only made our team look bad, but made themselves look unprofessional and unreliable.

Money Matters

I was also responsible for the money aspect of the whole event.  As shown via the photos below, the receipts show the money we spent planning and organising the event. I had previously looked at various websites to purchase the wristbands from, but many had a larger minimum order number than we needed, which were also at a higher cost. This is why I chose to purchase the wristbands from UK Wristbands Ltd at the cheaper cost of £11.98 for 150. Here you can find the receipts for the Wristband order and the Stamps order.

We also purchased the alcohol that was to give to the artists as a form of payment from a local supermarket, as they had a deal on the drinks we were looking for, resulting in saving us money.

In the future, I would happily purchase the wristband tickets from UK Wristbands Ltd as they were a high quality product for an accurate amount that we needed for the event. Savings could be achieved in the future if artists would be willing to perform for free or for no incentive. This is something that we did not negotiate with the artists, but offer straight up in a way of saying thank you for helping us. However, reflecting on this, many of the artists may have done it for free because it was a way of promoting their music.

Here you can find the table for Costs and Gantt Chart, which show our expenditure, income and roles and times that people were responsible for completing.

Getting artists to sign contracts

One of our big concerns was making sure that all the bands would attend the venues at the right time. Mike spent time creating artist contracts that would be best suited for our event. After he’d done this, myself and Amy went round gathering the signatures of the performers and went over any questions that they had in regards to the contract. We also made sure that the contract had a clause in which if they cancelled they would be charged, as this would put us in a difficult situation.

Leah Bullock contract

Indigo Haze contract

Callum Cutler contract

Dan Walton contract

Joe Davies contract

Fawner contract

17190477_260253951098316_3270337646305901785_n (1)

poster for the live event

Schedule for the night of the event and who would be doing what jobs on the night

As there are four members of the Pre-Crawl team, we had to make sure that roles on the night of the event were spilt equally. To make sure this happened, I created a schedule on Excel, naming tasks, venues, times and who was in charge at each point during the day. The whole team was happy with their roles for the whole night, and it worked well overall.


Risk Assessments

Carrying out risk assessments was a major part of planning and executing this event. This had to be done prior to the event to show that we were aware of any issues that may have arisen on the night and how we would deal with them if it was necessary. I had to fill out a risk assessment for each venue, as there were different risks and the level of risk at each.

Each risk assessment can be found below.

RA The frog

RA 2Pigs

RA Under the Prom


*side note

I sent a follow up email to Liam at Propaganda to thank him for allowing us to partner with the brand for the night of our event. I then received the following email from him, explaining how pleased he was with the night and that he would be happy to partner work again in the future

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 23.47.14

email from Liam



baby groot’s version of a mic drop


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