~ pre-crawl – the event ~

As I was brainstorming ideas that could work for a successful event within the live music scene that is already thriving in Cheltenham, I wanted to avoid events that had already happened and that have been overused. I was aware that bar crawls were a popular event amongst students, especially socials. As this has proven popular, to make it fit into the module and incorporate music, adding the live bands would fit the description. As this type of event hadn’t been done before, it was a big risk to take due to the possibility that we could lose money, but the risk paid off and was a big success.

We advertised Pre-Crawl on social media, primarily Facebook, because we knew this would be the main way of attracting our audience. We used the posters to entice individuals as people tend to respond less to plain text, and are more likely to pay attention and remember a picture. This is where we also posted about our drinks deals that had been arranged for on the night. There was a free shot available for the first 30 people to turn up at 2Pigs. The reason we did this deal at the second venue was to ensure that the crowd moved from one venue to the other, as the worry we had was that the number of people would drop at each venue.

Seeing Pre-Crawl being a huge success I can only imagine is the same as a proud parent watching their child on their first day of school. Overall, we managed to sell between 70-80 tickets, with 35 of these being sold online previously from the advertising and promotion we did before the event. Not only did we hit our target for ticket sales, we absolutely smashed it, coming away with a total of £320. After breaking even which covered the costs of venue hire, bouncers and external costs, we made a nice £120 profit. Unfortunately, we were unable to get as many photos as we wanted to because of how busy we all were on the night of the event. We had a much bigger turn out that expected. In hind-sight it may have been better to try and find a photographer to capture what happened on the night.

My main job on the night was being in charge of ticket sales and handing out wristbands to those individuals who had pre-booked their tickets online. I was expecting to carry out some smaller tasks on the night to help the group out, however, the turnout was much larger than we expected meaning I was continuously busy managing tickets on the night.



First up performing at the Frog and Fiddle was Leah Bullock. Her set lasted for 20 minutes and included covers of songs including ‘Everywhere’, ‘Running’, ‘Sometimes I Worry’ and ‘Staying Alive’. After a ten-minute break Indigo Haze took to the stage for 30 minutes. ‘Feel Good’ by Gorillaz and ‘Cake By The Ocean’ by DNCE were amongst the songs they covered excellently on the night. This is the venue where we were the busiest. Before the event started I had pre-stamped around 30 wristbands so I could quickly hand them out. I chose to do this many because we thought the Frog and Fiddle would be the quietist venue as the event started so early, however, this was not enough.

Here you can see a link for one of the live streams at the frog and fiddle


Leah Bullock performing at the Frog and Fiddle


Leah Bullock performing at the Frog and Fiddle

The crowd then moved onto the next venue 2Pigs, where after a few free shots, the crowd were ready for the first act to begin. More new people turned up to 2Pigs, earning the event more money. With drinks in their hands ready for the next act, Callum Cutler took to the stage and sang Castle on the Hill, House of the Rising Sun, Worry and Closer, along with his original song Monday Morning. Another ten-minute break and Dan Walton started his performance. 2Pigs was the venue we needed a big attendance and large drink sales because when we were booking the venue, the manager Chip was concerned that opening up the venue on a Thursday, a day when they are not normally open, wouldn’t be worth it. By the end of the night, Chip mentioned how impressed he was with how the event went, how the team worked and that he would be happy to work with us again in the future. This is something we are currently looking at doing, as this event was such a success.

At around 10:30 the crowd moved onto the final venue which was Under the Prom, where Joe performed his original song ‘Aeroplane’, dedicated his ‘Party in the USA’ cover to his friend and also a Jack Johnson cover. This was only Joes second live performance, meaning he brought in more new people to the crawl as they wanted to see their friend perform. The final act was Fawner, who smashed the night for the last half an hour. After their performance had finished, the crowd departed the venue and moved on to Propaganda at MooMoo Clubrooms, where they were allowed free entry because they completed the crawl by attending all three venues.

Here you can find the link to the live stream of Joe’s performance – Joe Davies


Joe Davies performing at Under the Prom

We did face a few issues at Under the Prom, but I dealt with this in an appropriate and professional manner. Firstly, we were told there would be drinks deals available on the night for those attending, however, this was not the case with individuals having to pay full price for drinks. I was also pulled to one side and was spoken to with some words stronger than the alcoholic drinks there serve, about the fact that I was promoting another venue, even though I had made this perfectly clear when I was organising the event and venue hire and he understood and agreed that this would be fine.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 20.40.02.png

email from the manager at Under the Prom

Personally, I thought he was rather unprofessional on the night. Comments were made to the band during sound check, stating that their music wasn’t the venues standard sound. However, this is not the bands, nor our fault. The venues team should’ve asked the genre of music the bands were if they were worried about keeping up a certain standard of music.

A statement was also made to my team-mate, in a not so friendly tone. In my eyes this is rather unprofessional, and that if there was a problem, which there was not, it should have been dealt with directly by myself. I have learnt from this experience to be more cautious with venues with organising events.

Another issue we faced on the night was individuals in the team ignoring roles that had been agreed on, not acting appropriately and ignoring the ways in which we had agreed to act prior to the event, subsequently letting the team down. This meant that other individuals had to complete tasks that was not their duty to complete, meaning there was an unfair workload. This has made me more aware of choosing who to work with in future events.

Looking back on the event, I would be happy to create another one. Myself and Amy have been speaking about carrying on the Pre-Crawl brand, by hosting various events across the year, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for exciting news that’s yet to come, the party doesn’t stop here.

giphy-downsized (1).gif

*side note

Here you can see a potential swot analysis of future events that we could produce due to the success of Pre-Crawl. Having these points clearly shown allows us to see where we could thrive and issues we can avoid.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 22.42.45


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