~ fawner q&a and acoustic set ~

When working on the broadcast event, we all had individual roles on the day of the live broadcast.

Mike had one of the major roles on the day which was interviewing the band ‘Fawner’. Bethan recorded the live stream on a camera, so we would be able to use it later on in or work and to put on our portfolios. There was an issue recording the sound however, so this footage could not be used. Amy live-streamed the set on Instagram Live.

My role was to stream the q&a and acoustic set on Facebook Live. We decided to use the ‘Map Your Gig’ Facebook page. This page was created for another module on the course, but we thought the cross-over would be an ideal opportunity to promote both modules. We chose Facebook live to stream the broadcast because we thought it would reach a wider audience. This is due to the fact that our target market use Facebook as one of their main social medias, people who follow the page get notified when a live stream is started and we would also be able to save the video for use later on in the year.



We broadcast the event at around 2pm on Wednesday 29th March. We chose this time because it was easiest for the band and the team, as we had to factor in previous arrangements such as work, lectures and other personal appointments. Choosing this time may have affected the live audience attendance, however, this is why we chose to save a publish the video onto the Facebook page. Doing this allowed individuals who missed the live steam to be able to catch up on the video at a time that best suited them.

The idea for our broadcast was for Fawner to perform an acoustic set of some of their music, to give people a sneak preview of what they will be seeing when they attended the live event. Also, by doing a Q&A, it allowed people to get to know the band more if they weren’t already aware of who Fawner were. Choosing the simple set up of the practice room allowed the main focus to be on the band instead of what was happening around them.

Also, as I’d managed to create a partnership with Propaganda, we made sure that the banner was seen in the shot of the live stream. I felt by adding the banner it also gave the room a little bit more character.

You can find a link to the live broadcast here – Fawner.

Overall, I was very pleased with the broadcast event, and the number of views currently stands at 180. By broadcasting the band and individuals seeing their music, I feel like this may have encouraged more people to come to the live event the day after, as we had a bigger turn out than expected. If I were to create another live broadcast, I would keep it in the same style, as I think this worked really well and was pleased with the result.




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