~ where is the music industry and how do we recognise it? ~

As part of our Global Ecologies module of the course, we look at different ways of perceiving music. This can be how music is made, produced and published, along with the ways we receive it.

The music industry is all around us and part of everyones day to day lives. It may not be at the forefront of what is going on, considering there are much bigger things happening, but it manages to creep into life even if we don’t always recognise it. It may be obvious, playing songs whilst working, or listening to the radio, at a club, or even just out in a restaurant. This is purely the songs that we listen to. Elevator music, waiting on the telephone or in a shopping centre are ways we may miss music because it isn’t the thing we are focusing on at the time.

But where does this come from? All around the world music is created, whether it be professionally or by someone sitting in their bedroom. Major labels such as Sony will produce songs every day, with large scale production and teamwork, releasing it onto iTunes and Spotify, compared to those independent musicians who perhaps produce a song once a month and simply release it on SoundCloud. Wherever a song comes from is where the music industry is located. This may be in places such as Los Angeles, London, New York, or maybe even a little basement in a town only the people who live in it know. This shows us that the music industry isn’t just in one place, but in fact it’s all around us.


(the dog, his piano and song are creating music, so wherever in the world he is is where the music industry is)

So how do we recognise the music industry? Simple. The music industry is represented by music itself when it is published. We recognise the industry by the products it releases. Businesses such as iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube is the major way those who use the internet recognise music, because it is the way a lot of people search for it. We also recognise the music labels such as Sony, Universal and Warner as being the music industry, because these are the ones who use publicity to promote themselves and the work they produce. We also see it as being the physical copy of an album, because we are recognising we are paying for a certain service.



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