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After many week of patient waiting, I finally got to see Bastille perform live at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. Let me tell you, it was LIT.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 00.09.11.png

There was a huge panic as to whether I would be able to go as, me being the idiot I am, got the tickets sent to my home address. I only noticed this 3 days before the concert, and living a two and a half hour drive away there was uncertainty if I would be able to get them in time. However the angels that my parents are drove down to bring me the tickets, and take me out for a top notch meal.

The journey down was … interesting. Driving through Birmingham is something that I’ve never done before, and is not something I am planning on doing again any time soon. We went for a small meal in a pub just round the corner from the venue. We queued outside the arena for around 10 minutes (in cold wet weather). After having out tickets and bags checked we went straight through into the standing area.

Upon entering the arena, there were four screens playing a repetitive, muted video, of what looked like a news reader preparing to talk to the camera. The video began to play with sound and it introduced WWCOMMS (a news station) and the support acts. Eagle eyed fans would’ve noticed that the newsreader was in fact from the music video ‘Fake It’.

This is when CHILDCARE took to the stage. In all honesty I wasn’t too interested in the support acts, as I have been disappointed in the past by them. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the music they performed, and very much enjoyed their set. Now I’m back home I cannot stop listening to their music, even though it is still very limited, due to the fact they are still pretty new. The sound quality was amazing and their presence on stage was amazing, with constant energy and getting the audience to dance along, which isn’t easy to do. They performed for around 30 minutes, although I would’ve been happy to listen to them for hours.

After a 30 minute wait it was Rationale’s turn to perform. Once again the music was excellent, but in my personal opinion the music genre did not fit in with the other two acts of the night. This is because it was a much more relaxed set, whereas the performers either side were full of energy. I would still love to see Rationale perform live again, this time headlining the stage.


I must admit, Bastille were by far the best live performance I have ever seen, even if I don’t have much to compare them to. They played songs from their new album ‘Wild World’, their old album ‘Bad Blood’ and a cover of ‘Of The Night’, which is a mash up of ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ by Corona and ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ by Snap! They kept their own and the audiences energy high throughout the whole night, running around the stage, to stage B and then off to the balcony for separate songs.

(apologies for the awful quality)



The sound quality and the visual effects of the whole concert were insane, with different colours and backgrounds matching the tone of each song they sang. This just added more to the experience of a live concert, as it excites the audience more, instead of having dull backdrops and plain lights throughout the whole set list.


It is known to a lot of people that Bastille are performing slightly different set lists at each venue, to make each show a little different, and keeping it fun for them to keep performing, as they have many shows left of their tour.

I only paid £30 for the ticket, but from the experience I had I would happily pay double the amount for the same performances, as I was extremely pleased with the night I had. I would highly recommend Bastille, CHILDCARE and Rationale to anyone, as their music styles all differ.

More information on Bastille can be found on their website – http://www.bastillebastille.com/

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 00.02.21.png

If you want to listen to any of the music by CHILDCARE then follow this link – https://www.facebook.com/CHILDCAREBAND/

If you would like to see Rationale live then you can buy tickets via this link – http://www.iamrationale.com/



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