~ the best gig I’ve attended? st1 ~

As a music student, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t been to too many live events. I mean, who can afford to attend gigs when you’re a student?

I must say though, the best event I have attended so far is when Kasabian performed at the King Power Stadium (in Leicester for those not so savvy football fans) to celebrate the miracle that was Leicester winning the Premier League. Kasabian were a band I had never seen live before even though I liked the majority of their music, and I must say, I would be ever so happy to see them again.

What made this event so incredible was that there were so many people there to celebrate the miracle, and having a band that originated from Leicester added to the excitement. Everyone was friendly to each other, and there was a lot of crowd participation with the band. Along with playing their most popular songs, such as Fire (the song the team plays as they strut their stuff onto the football pitch) they also brought out Noel Fielding, which added huge excitement, but slight confusion on my part (only because I didn’t have my glasses and couldn’t see properly who it was). There were also blue coloured smoke cannons going off from the standing area of the stadium.


Apart from the actual performers, obviously, a major thing that attracts me to buying concert tickets is the price. Kasabian tickets were a very reasonable £50, considering the popularity of the band and the insane performance they put on. I recently bought a ticket to see Bastille live, which cost me £35, which was cheaper than how much I assumed it would cost. Previous reviews and experiences would also encourage me to buy a ticket, for example, if an artist was not very good live, I wouldn’t pay money to see them, whereas if they had positive reviews it would persuade me to pay money to see them live.

Personally, I have never asked for a refund for a ticket, as all of the live events I have attended (even if that number is in single figures to date) have been a unique experience. However, I would be encouraged to demand a refund if the act was not as stated when buying the tickets, for example, missing performances from acts, shorter sets than stated. Along with this I was obviously also demand a refund if the event was cancelled either without an explanation or for a poor reason. If there were safety concerns at an event I would enquire about getting a refund as this can be a hugely dangerous situation, with big lights, stage setup and general health and safety.


Live events I have attended in chronological order:

  1. Jessie J
  2. Ellie Goulding
  3. The Vamps
  4. 5 Seconds of Summer
  5. One Direction
  6. All Time Low
  7. You Me At Six
  8. Kasabian

Live events I will be attending in the near future (and can expect reviews on)

  1. Bastille
  2. The Fratellis
  3. Drake (if funds permit it)
  4. Lukas Graham



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